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Homeownership is a goal for most of us and is considered the "American Dream" for many. However, when unforeseen life challenges occur in ones life many are face with the risk of loosing their home. Many of these unforeseen life challenges impact the financial choice that have to be made for the family such:

  • Do I make my mortgage payment or put food in the refrigerator
  • Do I make my mortgage payment or keep the lights and heat on

When facing a financial risk many families have to make these decisions which cause them to become delinquent or default on your mortgage loan payments.

If you or someone you care about is facing the risk of loosing your home please understand that

The staff at AANT(HCD) is committed to assisting you or your love ones with the professional care needed in such a time as this. The staff at AANT (HCD) will handle you and your family with the care of An "Angel's Touch".

Do not delay any longer speak with a caring staff member today!

The staff at AANT(HCD) will walk you thru, step-by-step of the foreclosure intervention process designed to empower and equip you not to pass judgement on you. It is important to know that we are here for you. This HUD approved program is offered to you and your family at no cost*.
The only thing we ask is for you to be just as committed to the process as we are. We understand that it’s not just the homeowners who is affected, but everyone to include the mortgage lenders and the community. Therefore we all must be equally committed to the process and work together in order to make a difference.

Many say...."the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step".... but we believe it starts with "a single choice".

Make a "choice" & contact us today
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