AANT (HCD) Program
The AANT (HCD) program is committed to
"Strengthening Communities One Family at a Time"
while providing them with the tools and skills needed to impact their financial choices and decisions. The AANT's (HCD) goal is to improve financial literacy awareness in our communities that will allow families to "SUSTAIN & MAINTAIN" homeownership, and will equip them to make educated decisions that will allow them to leave an inheritance to their children's, children.
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Homeownership should be viewed as a privilege and a blessing. It should not be considered as an obligation. Therefore it should be a choice or decision entered into wisely.

When considering homeownerships individuals and families should take every step possible to seek the information needed to make empowered choices. Homeownership for many people is considered the "American Dream" which many also be one of the single largest purchases an individual or family will make. Therefore this purchase should be made with proper planning, skills, and education.
" If you fail to plan, you plan to fail"
(author unknown)

AANT(HCD) program offers potential homebuyers the following services:

  • Pre-Purchase Homebuying Counseling and Education
  • Budget and Debt Counseling
  • Financial Management Counseling
  • One-on-One Assistance

An "Angel's Touch" Foundation
"Strengthening Communities One Family at a Time"