AANT (HCD) Program
The AANT (HCD) program is committed to
"Strengthening Communities One Family at a Time"
while providing them with the tools and skills needed to impact their financial choices and decisions. The AANT's (HCD) goal is to improve financial literacy awareness in our communities that will allow families to "SUSTAIN & MAINTAIN" homeownership, and will equip them to make educated decisions that will allow them to leave an inheritance to their children's, children.
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An "Angel's Touch" Foundation
"Strengthening Communities One Family at a Time"
Financial Restoration and Development Services.....

The AANT (HCD) program was created with an understanding that financial education is not just something that is learned in one day or one session, but it is something that is learned thru practice and participation. Therefore it is AANT (HCD)’s belief that in ordered to assist individuals and families in “Maintaining and Sustaining” homeownership a high level of commitment is required to achieve maximum results.

Our Financial Restoration programs are designed is to create an awareness of the current financial state of the individual and family. By helping them to develop a roadmap of the decisions and choices they made which lead to their current financial state in order to establish solid financial future.

“We must first understand where we are and what got us here in order to understand where we are going.”

The AANT (HCD) Financial Restoration programs will consist of:

  • Financial Literacy Workshops (for adults & youth)
  • Group Counseling Sessions
  • One-on-One Counseling Sessions
  • ****GAME NIGHTS*****

Creating a Financial Roadmap
Reshaping Your Financial Picture